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Experiential gastronomy is a way of eating, where a guest expects
some form of experience, but most of all senses to leave his full impressions.

Man perceives all senses, longing for experience,
this is the goal of experiential gastronomy

Tasting menu on the occasion of the anniversary
of the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic

Goose paté
Oxtail Consommé
Pig roulade

76,70 €

Cold appetizers

Goose paté
with pistachios and onion jam
15,80 €

Beef tartare
prepared in front of the guest
21,20 €

Chicken galantine
with a bouquet of salads
9,20 €

Warm Appetizers

Goose Foie gras
with apples in Calvados sauce
19,60 €

Goat Cheese Au Gratin
 with roasted vegetables and beetroot juice reduction
15,20 €


Oxtail Consommé
with Julienne vegetable and meat dumplings
7,00 €

Bohemian Potato Soup
with mushrooms from the Slavkovsky Forest
5,60 €

Viennese garlic soup
with bread croutons
5,20 €


Lettuce salad
with roasted bacon, poached egg and mustard dressing
11,20 €

Salad with grilled chicken breast
with croutons and mayonnaise dressing
13,20 €

Red beetroot salad
 with apple and goat cheese
13,60 €

Mixed green salad with smoked trout
with herb sauce
14,00 €

Main Dishes

Chateaubriand Rübezahl for 2 persons
with cream chanterelle sauce, butter baby carrot and
Grenaille potatoes sliced in front of the guest
60,00 €

Beef tenderloin
with Madagascar pepper, buttered corn and potatoes fondant
29,60 €

Viennese beef goulash
with homemade dumplings
17,20 €

King Edward’s Lamb Chops
with stewed vegetables and boiled potatoes
29,80 €

Chicken Supreme
stuffed with coarse-grained mustard, buttered vegetables
15,60 €

Pork tenderloin
with marinated apricots, spinach and croquettes
16,40 €

Fried veal schnitzel
 with austrian potatoe salad
16,80 €

with horseradish-cream sauce and vegetables
18,00 €

Pig roulade
with red cabbage salad and potato-spinach dumpling
17,60 €

Beef Stroganoff
from tenderloin with tagliatelle pasta
29,20 €

Fillet of Zander
with broccoli and hollandaise sauce
22,80 €

Grilled salmon fillet
with dill sauce and pappardelle pasta
18,80 €

Roasted trouth from Větrov castle
with peanut butter and potatoes
19,60 €

Shrimp tails
with garlic butter and mixed green salad
35,60 €

Vegeterian Dishes

Tortellini filled with gorgonzola
rucola salad and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
14,80 €

Mushrooms gnocchi
with cream and pesto
14,40 €


Sacher cake
7,20 €

Sissi’s Kaiserschmarrn
with apple marmelade and plum compote
7,60 €

Apple strudel
with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
5,20 €

Nougat truffle cake
with whipped cream
7,20 €

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